newsfeed-locatesSafety first when it comes to digging in the ground. When digging or excavating more than 6”, you are required by law to call for locates.

The process is that we mark in white paint approximate location of fence placement. Then we call the UNC (Utility Notification Center) and give them information based on your specific project. They check their maps, notify the appropriate agencies, and send out requests for markings.

Large companies such as Avista and PP and L, subcontract out to a smaller company like “Locating Inc” to mark for them. Once we call and get a confirmation number, the agencies have 48 hours to mark the area. After the 48 hours is up, it’s up to us to make sure the companies actually have marked the appropriate area. Agencies use color codes to help determine what utility is where: red is power, yellow is gas, etc… We have to call and they have to mark, so expect colored lines to appear on your property. The UNC is only for public utilities and they will not mark private power, water lines, or irrigation.

We have the ability to mark private lines for a small fee, and many times it’s cheap insurance. We will take care of the public utility lines, but if you have any private lines you know of, make sure you express it to your estimator or salesperson.